Barack Obama – Presumptive Nominee

June 4, 2008

Barack Obama makes history as the first African-American to become a major political party nominee for the position of President of the United States. We have come a long way from the back of the bus to the head of the country. Whether or not you choose to vote for Obama in November, we all must respect what he has accomplished. He was the underdog, behind in the polls only a year ago. Hillary Clinton despite her loss has also accomplished so much. The laast woman to come close to her position was Geraldine Ferraro, but I believe Hillary has surpassed even her. This election has been historical, leaving us with something to be proud of after the complete fiasco of the previous two election cycles. I enoucrage people to nevertheless read all the candidates records, listen to their speeches, and judge them individually. My own mother wanted to vote for Hillary because she was a woman. My friends wanted to vote for Obama because he is NOT white. This is far to grave of a situation not to take it very seriously. Vote on the issues. Not on color or sex. In the end, as long as we do not vote in the same of Establishment we have had (not only for the last eight years but truly for the last 16-30 years), we will be fine. Our country can only go up from here, right?


Rev. Jeremiah Wright Keynote Speech For NAACP (Entire)

April 28, 2008

“I’m not here for political reasons…. I’m NOT running for the oval office, I’ve been running for Jesus a long long time” and the tone in the room was AMEN.

The keynote speaker for the NAACP 2008 dinner was the passionate Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s former pastor who ruffled feathers with past sermons (which were NOT played in their entirety).

Rev. Wright explained “divisive” and “different” during his speech. He explained the many differences between blacks and whites using music and song as examples. His tongue was sharp, his tone was clear and passionate with many humorous moments. The speech was aimed at many people of different faiths.

People need to get over the drama and focus on the now… the recked economy and recked moral fiber of the nation. Rev. Wright has many points all which are spiritual, political and social. With the help of a leader such as Barack Obama now may be the time to risk social growth and advancement. Perhaps now is the time to care about something or someone further than an arms length.

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