NBC says No Juice

April 24, 2008

Donald Trump might be thinking about taking a stab at bringing O.J. Simpson in for the next season of “Celebrity Apprentice,” but NBC wants nothing to do with it. Can you blame ’em?

A source close to the Peacock tells TMZ that NBC has not — and never was — considering casting O.J. on the show.

Looks like instead of “You’re fired!” the Juice will just have to settle for “You’re guilty!”

This story can be found @ TMZ.com


OJ Simpson To Appear On The Apprentice

April 23, 2008

O.J. Simpson is looking to use his sharp fashion sense, cutting wit and killer instincts for a new purpose — joining the cast of “The Apprentice.”

TMZ spoke to sources close to the show who say Simpson approached Donald Trump’s camp to voice his want for a spot on the program — and, surprisingly, it’s “under thoughtful consideration.”

The show may soon be known for a different kind of backstabbing.

This story found @ TMZ.com