“Baracky” – Funny Obama / Clinton “Rocky” Spoof

April 22, 2008

One of the most watched and funniest videos on the web now is “Baracky”… A Rocky spoof mashed up with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It’s getting high views! It’s ala South Park animation… yeah no CGI but it is funny.


Priest Carried Away By Party Balloons

April 22, 2008

A Roman Catholic priest in Brazil got hooked up to a bunch of helium balloons trying to break a 19 hour record floated away on Sunday… the problem is he never came back down. Like an angel Reverend Adelir Antonio de Carli floated off and has been missing ever since. Helicopters and fishing boats were dispatched in an attempt to locate the high priest who participated in the stunt trying to raise money for a truck rest stop. The Priest is in a thermal suit and has a parachute. Hopefully he makes it back to earth soon.


CNN Reporter Richard Quest Found With Rope Around His Balls

April 19, 2008

The blog story of the week so far, and it’s only Monday, CNN anchor Richard Quest was arrested Friday after being stopped in Central Park after curfew. The 46 year-old Quest was apprehended 3:40 on Friday morning for possession of methamphetamine. It’s also been reported that at the time of his arrest Quest had a sex toy in his boot and… a rope tied around his neck with the other end of the rope secured around his genitals. How those facts came to light we don’t know. Quest has been ordered to drug counseling. The misdemeanor charges will be dropped upon completion of the drug treatment. We wish you all the best Richard.

He wasn’t joking around!

If you’re gonna get arrested, that sure is a memorable way to do it!

This story is found at iNPLACENEWS

*** From what I can tell, this gives a whole new meaning to choking the chicken. Ouch!