Man Ticketed and Fined for Being Topless

June 13, 2008

Obviously NOT Sean Cephus

For the third time in five years, Easton, Pennsylvania police have ticketed someone for going topless in public. 18-year old Sean Cephus was cited June 4 when police say he was spotted in town without a shirt. He was also cited for failing to obey a lawful order to stop for police, on, in other words, he ran.
A 1974 town ordinance forbids anyone from going topless in public buildings or on public streets and sidewalks with penalties of fines up to $100 and up to 10 days in jail.
Easton Police Lt. Gregory Wright said it is considered a public nuisance., and that three citations have been issued since 2003.

** Sorry for the above picture. It was posted for two reasons: (1) No photo was available of Sean Cephus, (2) the above picture was much better.