WWE Diva Part of FBI Investigation

May 4, 2008

Ashley Massaro, one of the divas of the WWE, is part of an investigation the FBI is conducting into the Bella Models Escort Service in California and Florida. Details are vague, as the story is just beginning to come out now. According to Massaro’s MySpace page, she is contacting her lawyers right away saying, “Just got buzzed on some BS that is going around. Dont [sic] believe it for a second. Getting in touch with my lawyer as we speak”.

Stay tuned!


Parents Increase Reward For Son

May 1, 2008

Becoming increasingly worried about their son who, as previously reported by iNPLACENEWS, had been kidnapped, the parents of the suspected victim in Florida are increasing the reward for their son’s return from $10,000 to $250,000.

Here is the original post from iNPLACENEWS:


FBI Investigating Kidnapping For Ransom

April 25, 2008

The FBI is investigating an alleged kidnapping for ransom of a 26-year-old Florida private pilot who has been missing since April 1, an FBI spokesman told CNN Friday.

The bureau identified the man as Robert Arthur Wiles, of Lakeland, Florida, who runs his family’s aircraft maintenance business, National Flight Services, at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport.

Wiles’ parents first suspected something was wrong when they couldn’t reach their son, whom they had visited a few days before he was reported missing, said FBI Tampa, Florida, spokesman Dave Couvertier.

“They were sent a ransom note,” he said. “A threat was made. His parents were told to follow directions, but they heard nothing back.”

For now, the bureau won’t elaborate on exactly what the note said or how much money was demanded — only that the note was signed in a “unique” way, Couvertier said. It is not clear why Wiles would have been targeted, he said.

Agents believe that revealing specifics might compromise the investigation, he said.

Couvertier said that while the bureau has no evidence to indicate the kidnapping could have been staged, “we’re exploring every lead, every possibility.” But he added, “We’re treating this as the real thing.”

Investigators won’t explain why they waited so long to go public with the case except to say the parents hope that talking about it now might generate new leads in the case, he said.

“The parents are offering a reward. They hope someone will be able to help them and come forward with information,” he said.

At an FBI-organized news conference Friday afternoon in Tampa, the parents announced they are offering $10,000 to anyone who can provide them information.

“Our son knows how to reach us; he has our phone numbers,” they said. “The only thing that matters to us is that our son comes home safely.”

So far, the bureau has followed leads involving Robert Wiles’ “activities and associations” in several Florida cities as well in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, he said. One friend was contacted in Thailand.

Kidnappings for ransom in the United States are considered rare, especially of adults.

The agency says it investigated 161 kidnappings in the nation last year involving custody disputes, cults, drug rip-offs and sexual assaults.

National Flight Services has other locations in Florida, Texas, Ohio — where its headquarters are — and in Toronto, Canada. A company Web site lists the owner as Thomas Wiles

This was found @ CNN.com

The follow-up story can be read here


“Mayor Charged, Bodies Found, Meat Plant Explodes, and Prior knowledge of Bridge Issues”

March 24, 2008

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“Do-overs, Governors’ Affairs, and Collapsed Cranes”

March 18, 2008

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“Delegates, Chaos, and Bombs”

March 9, 2008

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Conservative? Whatever happened to the fierce Independent that ran against Bush and Gore? Hmmmm…..

March 3, 2008

Two peas in a pod….. two sellouts in a politic

Conservative? Liberal? Did everyone forget that McCain ran as an independent because he took issue with some of the Christian right-wing’s agenda? Does anyone recall the McCain-feingold Campaign Finance legislation? Wellllll, obviously McCain is no conservative, but after so many failed attempts at being nominated or elected to be the president, he had to do what he had to do. In essence, this man has changed his appearance, lied about his record, and now even cannot keep it straight in his own words or mind.

As for the FBI and Clemens, I think it is absurd that in times like these, when people cannot afford to feed their families or healthcare, we waste tax payers dollars on crap like this.

I ask you, what is the role of government? Are they there to be our parents? I think not. I think it is ironic that some of the policies that are held dear by liberals were conceived by the pinnacle of the Republican party, Barry Goldwater. Goldwater was noted for saying, “government does not belong in my wallet, my body, or my bedroom”.