Bush Seizes Assests Of Companies in Myanmar

May 2, 2008

On Thursday, President Bush froze the assets of state-owned companies in Myanmar. These companies all allegedly were aiding the nation’s military junta, which has been condemned by the international community for suppressing pro-democracy activists and their cause.

“These companies, in industries such as gems and timber, exploit the labor of the downtrodden Burmese people, but enrich only the generals,” Bush said of Myanmar, also known as Burma.

The new order allows the Bush administration to go after state-owned enterprises, something it didn’t have the authority to do. The U.S. government has the power to go after individuals and companies.

At the White House, during remarks Bush made marking the beginning of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Bush said the military regime in Myanmar continues to reject the will of its people to live under leaders of their own choosing.

Seems to have come in time when our government needs more money. Good going, Bush!?!


The Higher Path?

March 4, 2008


Over my lifetime, the Republican Party have represented themselves as the “right” party, with its affiliation to the Christian Right Wing, its fight against legalized abortion, and their persecution of a president at the end of his term for his sexual escapades. In that same lifetime, I have seen more hypocracy from the Republicans than one could imagine. What I find absolutely sickening though is that the Democrats, claiming to be liberal intellects, are not much better than the Republicans.

Take for example, the last few weeks of the Democratic Presidential nomination race have shown to be full of low-blows, psychological attacks, and less than factually-based commentary. Hilary Clinton, supposedly so experienced, especially while representing the people of New York during the time of the 911 attacks, has been lowering herself constantly by choosing to air ads using fear to get support. Did she not learn from the years since the towers fell? I was insulted by this campaign ad and choice to air it. The media is equally to blame. Not one piece of evidence connecting Obama to the federal case being brought against his old fundraiser has been shown to the voters, yet the media tends to keep bringing it up. If and when the federal attorney prosecuting Rezko brings such evidence to the public’s attention, the media will be welcome to discuss it.

If I could have a chat with the democrats, I would suggest taking the higher road. Particularly, Hilary Clinton. In the past month, she has shown herself in a way that has made many people in her own party dislike her. For now, if I were her, I would worry less about this already-lost race and focus on improving her approval rating for now and for the future. While I would prefer a democratic administration after the last 8 years of diminishing democracy, I would prefer a president people like instead of another president with a record-low approval rating, like “W”.

iPN Headlines, Feb.5th, 2008

February 5, 2008

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iPN Headlines, Feb. 4th, 2008

February 4, 2008

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