McCain To Take Money From Taxpayers For His Campaign

April 21, 2008

John McCain is abandoning any hope of catching the Democrats in fundraising.

Based on new financial disclosure reports released Sunday, and interviews with his finance team, the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee will instead accept taxpayer money to finance his general election and share other costs with the Republican National Committee.

The strategy will allow McCain to stretch his campaign dollars by splitting the cost of television advertising and other campaign activity with the RNC.

But the decision also puts the Arizona senator at risk of being badly outspent – even with RNC help – by a Democratic nominee who will be allowed to spend as much as he or she can raise on the November race.

McCain has raised a total of $72 million for his presidential bid, including $15 million in March. He ended last month with about $11.5 million in cash.

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*** Hypocrit! I hope people see this. From Campaign Finance Reform to bleeding a starving economy dry by taking what little money is left for his own potential gain.

Conservative? Whatever happened to the fierce Independent that ran against Bush and Gore? Hmmmm…..

March 3, 2008

Two peas in a pod….. two sellouts in a politic

Conservative? Liberal? Did everyone forget that McCain ran as an independent because he took issue with some of the Christian right-wing’s agenda? Does anyone recall the McCain-feingold Campaign Finance legislation? Wellllll, obviously McCain is no conservative, but after so many failed attempts at being nominated or elected to be the president, he had to do what he had to do. In essence, this man has changed his appearance, lied about his record, and now even cannot keep it straight in his own words or mind.

As for the FBI and Clemens, I think it is absurd that in times like these, when people cannot afford to feed their families or healthcare, we waste tax payers dollars on crap like this.

I ask you, what is the role of government? Are they there to be our parents? I think not. I think it is ironic that some of the policies that are held dear by liberals were conceived by the pinnacle of the Republican party, Barry Goldwater. Goldwater was noted for saying, “government does not belong in my wallet, my body, or my bedroom”.