Breastfeeding Police Officer to the Rescue

May 22, 2008

A Chinese police office, Jiang Xiaojuan, 29, is the mother of a 6-month-old boy. After tthe magnitude 7.9 quake struck last week, she responded to the call of duty and the instincts of motherhood.

“I am breast-feeding, so I can feed babies. I didn’t think of it much,” she said. “It is a mother’s reaction, and a basic duty as a police officer to help.”

As of Thursday, the death toll from the earthquake had risen to more than 51,000, while more than 29,000 are still missing. Thousands of children have been orphaned; many others have mothers who simply can’t feed them. Although she cannot do it all alone, Officer Xiaojuan has jumped to the call of duty including, at one point, feeding nine babies.

“Some of the moms were injured, their fathers were dead … five of them were orphans. They’ve gone away to an orphanage now,” she said.


Bodies of 3 Children Found in Freezer

May 5, 2008

Near Olpe, Germany, authorities have discovered the bodies of three infants in the basement freezer of a woman. After a tip from one of the woman’s grown children, authorities found the bodies in the freezer on Sunday night. It is suspected that they were born alive, but conclusions are being withheld until the autopsies can be perfomed. The 44-year old woman and her 47-year old husband, whose names are being kept from the media at this point, have three grown children who are 18, 22, and 24 years old. Police arrested the mother. Stay tuned for more details.