Free At Last, Free At Last For Whitney Houston

May 20, 2008

Almost 8 years ago, “Crack is whack” queen Whitney Houton was busted at a Hawaiian airport with some marijuana. After 8 years of legal struggle, the charges were dropped and her record made clean. Perhaps, it will inspire her to clean up her other act: singing.


Old Man Drives Past Airport Security Onto Runway

April 28, 2008

Authorities are questioning a 73-year-old driver who sped through a security gate at Miami International Airport and ended up on one of the main runways.

The man has not been identified. Police say he may have been disoriented when he drove passed security Friday morning. He was quickly detained by police.

Airport spokesman Greg Chin says no flights or landings were delayed. Although the runway was closed for a short time, he says the airport’s other three runways were not affected.

Originally found @ Associated Press


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