Woman Sentenced For Killing Babies With Plastic Bags

May 7, 2008

Almost as if it were an episode of the Twilight Zone, another woman is arrested in Germany for killing her children. A 22-year old woman, only identified as Claudia B., was arrested for allegedly killing her three children by stuffing them into plastic bags. She claims they were stillborn: a boy in 2002, and two girls in 2004 and 2005. The bodies were discovered in cartons in he garage of her parents’ former home in Theorey. DNA results show that each baby had a different father. She had kept hidden their existence and births from her parents and two older sistes. Autopsies have shown nonetheless that they died of asphyxiation in plastic bags. The court ruled that she should serve nine years in prison. After being released to give birth to a fourth baby, authorities want her to serve the rest of her sentence.

Here is a link to  the iNPLACENEWS story about the lady stuffing her babies in the freezer