September 14, 2008

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Couple Caught Skinny Dipping in Portland Reservoir

July 1, 2008

Two people, Ryan Langsdorf, 28, and Ashley Moyer, 23, were caught skinny dipping in a Portland reservoir. This reservoir is the main source of water for the city and was nearly closed leaving officials to almost dump millions of gallons of water.

The couple were found in the section of the Mount Tabor Reservoir not in use at about 3 a.m. Saturday during a spell of unusually hot weather. Had that section been in use, water bureau officials say they would have had to dump millions of gallons of water from that pool and possibly shut off the reservoir. They were cited for trespassing.

Earlier this year, millions of gallons of water were dumped when someone put latex paint, a construction cone and hundreds of flyers into the water.