September 14, 2008

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Texas Highway Coated by 5000 Gallons Of Molasses

July 18, 2008

Drivers heading to Sugar Land, Texas were rerouted Thursday after the afternoon accident in which an overturned tanker truck pouring 5,000 gallons of molasses onto a major Texas highway shut down Texas 6 at Southwest Freeway for eight hours.

City of Sugar Land spokeswoman Pat Pollicoff made a statement that the road was closed until midnight Thursday because of the coating of “healthy, all natural molasses.” The spilled molasses was intended for use in cattle food.

The 26-year-old driver of the truck, Joe Albert Loya, was taken to a hospital with minor head injuries.


Oreo Cookies Spilled on Highway Cause Major Delays

May 19, 2008

Police say a trailer loaded with 14 tons of double-stuffed Oreos overturned, spilling the cookies still in their plastic sleeves into the median and roadway. The truck’s driver was traveling from Chicago to Morris on Interstate 80 around 4 a.m, according to Illinois State Police Sgt. Brian Mahoney, when he fell asleep and hit the median.

“The boxes came out of the trailer and boxes were ripped open,” he said.

The crash about 50 miles southwest of Chicago remains under investigation.

No charges have been filed but both lanes of traffic remain closed while authorities remove the cookies.

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