Five Dead Husbands, A Hitman Cries Wolf?

June 16, 2008

76-year-old Betty Neumar has been married five times since the 1950s, but each union ended with the death of her husband. Investigators are urging police elsewhere to look into those deaths, after it became evident that the woman had saught to hire a hitman to kill her most recent husband.

Police in North Carolina say they are investigating whether police were warned that a woman with five dead spouses was trying to hire a hit man to kill one of her husbands. The cold case was re-opened last year. Then, last month, Neumar was charged with one count of solicitation of murder in the July 1986 death of Harold Gentry, after the investigation revealed that she tried to hire several people to kill Gentry.

According to lead detective Scott Williams, police are looking into the possibility that one of those would-be hit men went to police before Gentry’s death, but no one in the department took him seriously.

Police not listening? Seems like a common problem. Would Harold Gentry have survived had they listened?