Anti-Gay Attorney General Caught in Bed With a Man

Always question anti-gay activists.

The politics rumor mill is in high gear today!

Notoriously anti-gay Republican Alabama Attorney General Troy King was supposedly caught in his marital bed, by his wife, sexing it up with a young, gay, male assistant!!!

While in office, Troy’s worked on outlawing homosexuality AND sex toys.

Troy has supposedly been banished from his home by his wife.

King was a potential GOP frontrunner for Governor in 2010 and an early endorser of presidential hopeful John McCain.

We’re assuming that the GOP will not be supporting their allegedly gay comrade.

It’s been speculated that King will be resigning from his AG position soon.

Self-hatred is not pretty, Troy!

Thanks, Perez, for this story.


**Editor’s note: This is a TRUE scumbag.  Why is always Republicans that this happens to?  Perhaps, there should be a law against passing laws against things just to cover up that you are that which you are trying to outlaw.


2 Responses to Anti-Gay Attorney General Caught in Bed With a Man

  1. Bruce says:

    He’s probably been advising Larry Craig in restrooms as well.

  2. more


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