Spike-Lined Pits Discovered in Netherlands

This is not the pit in the Netherlands, but the result could be the same
In the Netherlands, a man who was preparing a race course through a park became mildly injured when he fell into a pit lined with sharpened spikes. Police say that this is the third such trap found in the area this year. The pit, five feet deep by 2.5 feet wide was lined with 6-12-inch metal spikes embedded in a concrete block, had been carefully hidden under leaves and branches in a park near Venlo, a town near the German border. While the goal was not clear, the intent of whomever created the pit is clear: to hurt, injure, or kill someone or something. Police spokesperson Nicole Theuns said, “A person could fall into this, but also a dog, a child, people walking, bikers, motorcyclists. . . anybody.”

Fortunately, the man who fell in while setting up the athletics race course managed to avoid the spikes, but suffered a bruised thigh.

Police remain in the dark about who is setting up these death traps.


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