McCain’s Pick To Run RNC Convention Tied to Myanmar Junta

May 11, 2008

John McCain’s choice for the man who would run the 2008 Republican National Convention resigned Saturday after a report surfaced that his lobbying firm used to represent the military regime in Myanmar.

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window.yzq_d[‘8eWTRkWTWUI-‘]=’&U=13brk2ur1%2fN%3d8eWTRkWTWUI-%2fC%3d619213.12535884.12881238.11951997%2fD%3dRMP%2fB%3d5236828’; Doug Goodyear issued a two sentence statement upoin his resignation: “Today I offered the convention my resignation so as not to become a distraction in this campaign. I continue to strongly support John McCain for president, and wish him the best of luck in this campaign.”

Goodyear, chief executive of lobbying firm DCI Group, resigned a few hours after Newsweek posted a story posted online that the company was paid $348,000 in 2002 and 2003 to represent Myanmar’s junta.

Military is as military does. War breeds war. Wars make money for the few, so John McCain seems to always surround himself with pro-war people, doesn’t he? 100 more yers in Iraq? Maybe McCain should call the Junta in Myanmar to suggest leting us help them, since they won’t let the US in. Better yet, have Doug Goodyear call.