Making Pot-Flavored Candy Illegal In Georgia

In Georgia, legislators are trying to pass a law banning the sale of “pot suckers” to minors. “Pot suckers” are marijuana-like flavored lollipops. Governor Sonny Perdue signed the bill into law on Wednesday, May 7t, 2008, banning the sale of these flavored products to minors with a fine up to $500 for each one sold. This law takes effect July 1st. This bill was intended to target businesses that sold the marijuana-inspired candies, like “Chronic Candy” and “Pot Suckers”, suggesting the candies promote drug use, even though the candies are completely drug-free themselves.

State Representative Judy Manning said she was shocked to receive death threats over the bill. “Some people think their rights are their rights,” she said.

Vote Hemp, a national organization that promotes the use of hemp products and tracks legislation, says the measure would make Georgia the first state to ban the sale of the candy to minors.



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