Jack Cafferty wants to know: What Will Hillary Do Now?

CNN’s Jack Cafferty needs to be on air MUCH MUCH MUCH more than he is now. His candor is a missing necessity when it comes to the many facets of an ever changing news media. If he’s EVER pandered it would be the first I’ve ever heard of it. I’ve never responded to any of his BLOGS but one question in particular got me oh so restless. After last night’s primary results Jack asked;

What Will Hillary Do Now?

My answer;

Mental illness is an issue that is all too often overlooked in this country. Our streets are littered with homeless… most suffering some form of mental illness. Hillary Clinton should stay in as long as her dementia persists or as long as it takes for her to get the proper mental care… so kudos to the Clintons for bringing this problem to the forefront of the democratic primary race. She should be rewarded not shunned. Unfortunately if she doesn’t get the care needed and remove herself from this election process she may find herself homeless (metaphorically speaking of course).

This was found on CNN.COM on the The Cafferty File


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