Subpoena Karl Rove!

The House Judiciary Committee threatened to subpoena former White House adviser Karl Rove if he does not agree by May 12 to testify about former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman’s corruption case. Karl Rove is speaking to the media about the matter almost as if to spite the Congressional inquiry, the House Judiciary Committee says. In a letter to Rove’s attorney, the committee’s Democrats said it was “completely unacceptable” that he has rejected the panel’s request while discussing the matter in the media.

“We can see no justification for his refusal to speak on the record to the committee,” the letter states. “We urge you and your client to reconsider … or we will have no choice but to consider the use of compulsory process.”

The invesitgation of the committee stems from the question of whether or not Republican appointees at the Justice Department influenced Siegelman’s prosecution to greatly decrease the chances of his re-election. It is part of a broader inquiry into whether or not U.S. attorneys were terminated from their positions for not aggressively going after Democrats.



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