Man Possibly Going to Prison For Sharing Snack Cake

An Ohio judge is set to decide whether or not to send a man to prison for sharing a Little Debbie snack cake. Sounds odd? Timothy Caudill, a 21-year old who was being held in a residential community corrections program in Nelsonville for breaking into a bar. This has nothing to do with the current issue though. While he was “incarcerated” in the residential program, he bought an oatmeal creme pie from the vending machine. He then shared it with one of the other inmates who was on restriction. The restriction placed on this inmate included no access to snacks, so Caudill assisted in that inmate’s breaking of his restriction that had been placed on him by sharing the tastey treat

Prosecutors iin the case have asked the Common Pleas judge, Jeffrey Simmons, to revoke Caudill’s probation and send him to prison for nine months.

Caudill’s attorney, Claire Ball, said that’s “outrageous”, because it would waste much-needed prison space that would otherwise be used for a violent offender like a rapist.


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