Not Rob Lowe But His Wife

Apparently, after the first nanny-sexual-misconduct case was filed, another one of Rob Lowe’s nannies has filed a case with sexual misconduct being the charge. Instead of it being pointed at Rob, this time the case is being filed against his wife. Laura Boyce accuses Lowe’s wife of the following:

– Walking around the house naked resulting in complete exposure of herself to Boyce.

– Asking Boyce about the size of her boyfriend’s penis.

– Asking questions and trying to figure out how she could have sex with Boyce’s boyfriend, given his 7′ height (he’s a former NBA player).

– Using her forearm to suggest her perception of the size of Boyce’s boyfriend’s penis, according to her imagination.

– Telling Royce that Rob Lowe’s “”cockrings were broken” and allegedly showing them to her.

– Telling Boyce about her sex life with Rob.

– Talking about the size of her children’s penises.

– After allegedly calling in sick, Sheryl allegedly screamed that Boyce “got strep throat from sucking ni***r d**k. I mean black d**k.”

Stay tuned to see where yet another Hollywood nanny story goes a little nutty. No pun intended.


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