Disney Star MISSING


This is crazy (and just a little bit suspicious)

20 year-old actor Orlando Brown, from the hit Disney show That’s So Raven, has been missing since early Tuesday morning.

And his family and friends are freaking out!

The dude’s been gone a little less than 24 hours. Maybe he just wanted to get away from everyone for a while?

Maybe he’s doing drugs with some hooker in a shady motel in the Valley???

Orlando left the Studio City home of his manager, Ricky Romance (nice name), at around 10:20am to make a quick stop at the 7-Eleven, and has not been seen since. The store is just a quick walking distance from the house. Brown was set to have a full day of appointments and meetings yesterday and did not show up to any.

His publicist adds that his friends and family members are very concerned as he’s not one to be out of touch for too long.

His manager, Ricky, has been busy calling hospitals and even posting several MySpace bulletins trying to find tips if anyone has seen Orlando.

Let’s hope this isn’t some weird publicity stunt, and if it’s not, let’s pray he’s ok and they find him soon.

Story found @ Perez Hilton.com



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