Members of Congress invested nearly 196 million dollars of their own money in companies that receive hundreds of millions of dollars a day from Pentagon contracts to provide goods and services to U.S. armed forces, say nonpartisan watchdog groups.

what’s up with that??? and then they voted to give these companies they’ve invested in more money!!
John AssKKKroft was speaking at Skidmore College this week and confused the name of Barack Obama with guess who?

* “All I’m saying about the Patriot Act,” Ashcroft began, “is that the elected representatives of this country, including Osama … ”

He got a roaring boo.

Come on y’all, you KNOW that wasn’t an accident!!
John McCain’s Pastors “In another Fox News agenda-setting moment, the GOP’s propaganda wing has successfully shifted the election focus away from our endless wars and our imploding economy and environment, over to Barack Obama’s pastor. It started with Fox—playing what sometimes seemed like an endless loop of context-free snippets from some of the fieriest sermons ever uttered by the pastor at Obama’s Chicago church. In what is now a well worn pattern, GOP-talking-points-turned-Fox-News-stories quickly migrated to the Fox Lite networks and the nation’s leading newspapers. Lost amid the newfound obsession with Obama’s pastor and the black church in general was any mention of John McCain’s two lunatic preachers.”

What AREN’T we talking about the war??? and why is anyone still treating FOX NEW like it’s actually a NEWS NETWORK


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