Sore Loser or Helping an Old Friend?

April 7, 2008

It has been more than a month since it has been statistically impossible for Hillary Clinton to win, as was reported by almost every major news broadcast on the planet. Many people, not limited to supporters of Barack Obama, have called for her to bow out gracefully. She has done quite the opposite. I wanted to point a few observations.

1) Not unlike GW Bush, Hillary refuses to lose and is quite willing to throw low-blows and even summon the Courts to get her way. Sounds a lot like Bush and his Supreme Court election robbery.

2) It is not well-known, but Hillary Clinton has not always been a democrat, whether or not her recent history says otherwise. She started as a Republican, and it seems she is inching her way back to that affiliation.

3) She has been very, very close friends with John McCain for a very, very long time.

Sore Loser or Just a Loser?

Now, here is the question I pose for all the bloggers, vloggers, and iNPLACENEWS viewers:

Is Hillary Clinton a sore loser or actually attempting to stifle the Democratic Party?

Not only is she hurting her future career by making everyone hate her, but she is makng the Democratic Party lose momentum, thereby increasing a chance the GOP might win the election. What does she care? She accepted a million dollars not to talk about what she claimed to be passionate about: Universal Healthcare. She goes against what long-time supporters and colleagues in the Senate and in her own party have asked her to do. Ultimately, she seems willing to look bad in lieu of the democrats ultimately winning.