The Higher Path?


Over my lifetime, the Republican Party have represented themselves as the “right” party, with its affiliation to the Christian Right Wing, its fight against legalized abortion, and their persecution of a president at the end of his term for his sexual escapades. In that same lifetime, I have seen more hypocracy from the Republicans than one could imagine. What I find absolutely sickening though is that the Democrats, claiming to be liberal intellects, are not much better than the Republicans.

Take for example, the last few weeks of the Democratic Presidential nomination race have shown to be full of low-blows, psychological attacks, and less than factually-based commentary. Hilary Clinton, supposedly so experienced, especially while representing the people of New York during the time of the 911 attacks, has been lowering herself constantly by choosing to air ads using fear to get support. Did she not learn from the years since the towers fell? I was insulted by this campaign ad and choice to air it. The media is equally to blame. Not one piece of evidence connecting Obama to the federal case being brought against his old fundraiser has been shown to the voters, yet the media tends to keep bringing it up. If and when the federal attorney prosecuting Rezko brings such evidence to the public’s attention, the media will be welcome to discuss it.

If I could have a chat with the democrats, I would suggest taking the higher road. Particularly, Hilary Clinton. In the past month, she has shown herself in a way that has made many people in her own party dislike her. For now, if I were her, I would worry less about this already-lost race and focus on improving her approval rating for now and for the future. While I would prefer a democratic administration after the last 8 years of diminishing democracy, I would prefer a president people like instead of another president with a record-low approval rating, like “W”.


2 Responses to The Higher Path?

  1. Joan says:

    No candidate who cast a vote for the war will get my vote. PERIOD.

  2. xperiencedskeptic says:

    I am not using this forum to support any particular candidate. So, Joan, I pose this question to you and everyone else seemingly being pro-Obama: if you have never been given the chance to eats peas, how could you ever say you would choose not to eat them?

    Obama was not in office at the time of the vote. He did not vote for or against the war. HE DID NOT VOTE. Of course, he ultimately spoke out against the war every chance he got. He is clearly against the war. I think we need to be clear though. He never voted, because he never voted. Right? As much as I dislike Hilary, I agree with her that he did not take advantage of the opportunities to hold hearings on Afghanistan.

    Like my original post suggests, I am here for the facts and only the facts, mam. I do not care about Rezko until when and if it is ever shown there is a connection to Obama.

    For everyone else reading this, democrat or republican, I ask you the following (some answers are more obvious than other):

    1) Why would anyone continue to support the president with the lowest approval rating in history, the worst, most long-term economic problems, and a war we cannot win, that never proved the existence of weapons of mass destruction, or bring the price of gas down?

    2) Why would anyone support someone who would add to those problems by keeping tropps in a war we cannot win? We ARE the strongest country on the globe, BUT we cannot seem to win a war we should never have been in.

    3) Am I the only person out there that sees the same gang when you look at Hilary as when you look at “W”? The same old establishment, the same old ideals, and the furthering of the inevitable class war….

    Clearly, there is no more true liberal faction out there that has not already been labeled radical. All that remains is the moderates and the conservatives. What is a true liberal to do in a world like the one we live in?

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